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Star Trek Deep Space Nine Complete DVD Special Limited Edition Box Sets Season 1 to 7 with 49 DVD's in Estcourt, KwaZulu-Natal for sale

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Super Rare Special Limited Edition Complete Box Set of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. All Seven Seasons. Each season is in a separate plastic branded box and each set is complete. All DVDs and Cases are in Excellent Condition. Multilanguage and in HD Lots of Extras Per Box Please No Time Wasters - This is for Collectors Read History On These Collections This sees the start of the European release of Star Trek: Voyager on DVD. Seven box sets will be released over the rest of 2004 and partway through 2005. The Region 2 DVD packaging of the Star Trek brand has been very different than the Region 1 releases. Darren Rea looks at the origins of the European packaging of the Star Trek box sets... AGI Media's ST:TNG box set design for the US market reflected the look of the characters' uniforms. Paramount Home Entertainment's ongoing DVD release of its Star Trek franchise has seen the company employ different strategies in different markets. For the US release of Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9) and Star Trek: Voyager AGI Media employed the use of 14 panel DVDigipacks that incorporated seven clear trays with pockets. The company also used foil stamping to help add a premium appearance to the packaging. However, for the European release a totally different form of packaging was employed which incorporated injection moulded ABS cases that housed the DVDs in clear Digistack trays. Not only has this packaging been extremely successful throughout Europe, but it has also been a hit with fans across the Atlantic - American Star Trek fans have been purchasing the European versions in order to own the "better" packaging. Paramount originally commissioned London-based design consultancy, Feref, to look into developing a packaging solution that would provide shelf standout, as well as promoting the Star Trek brand as a high quality product. Robin Behling, creative partner at Feref, stated that re-launching a TV series that had already been released on VHS was a challenge. "You have to give the consumer a compelling reason to buy," said Behling. "With DVD you get some extras on the discs, but Feref has been developing ideas for sometime to demonstrate that the packaging itself provides the opportunity to make a product unique and 'collectable'. TNG gave us the ideal platform to bring these concepts to commercial reality

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